Monday, 20 February 2017

A day to celebrate love


I know "Valentines Day" can mean different things to different people. Some see it as a commercialized costly day, others may see it as a day to feel loved through roses and presents.
Valentines day is celebrated on February 14th every year and usually involves the exchange of cards, gifts, chocolate or flowers with a special person.
The origins of course are long forgotten but began in the 5th century.  Today people attach certain meaning to the day.

On social media I saw many young women lamenting about being a forgotten valentine or professing their love for themselves. Valentines day has grown to become a day where young women in particular place huge emphasis on the presence of a romantic relationship.  I remember moments during high school where it was so competitive to showcase what and how much you received for Valentines day.  My worth was very much dictated by the relationships I was in.

When I had daughters, I vowed that I would do what was in my power to instill in them where their true worth comes from, to hopefully grow resilient and fulfilled young women.  We have regular conversations about love and what it truly means and where love comes from in the first instance.

Valentines day is simply another day where we can demonstrate to our children what love looks like.
Every year, the girls receive flowers and some sort of treat. This year we played around with decorating our chocolate treats where I combined both their love languages of gifts and quality time.  My eldest daughter treasures having my undivided attention doing creative crafty things whereas my little one appreciates any token of a gift. You can check out what your own love language is here.

 Having been recently married, my daughters can now see the thought and effort that my husband and I put in to make a gesture of our love. Mind you, this is not the only day it happens so it remains a constant throughout the year in big or small gestures that have it's foundation on what love really is.

As the girls are young, our main emphasis is that love is kind and that love is selfless.  We aim to further develop that meaning as the girls grow based on the famous verse from 2 Corinthians that is often read out at weddings.

What does Love mean to you?

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Unique watch Giveaway

Watches have become such a staple in both the male and female capsule wardrobe. Some have one piece that they wear incessantly whereas others alternate between a few.  Either way, everyone needs a staple watch.

With so many brands competing for their share in the market, it can be hard to decide on which one to choose.  So this is where I want to introduce this innovative concept to you. Wooden watches. Say what?  Yep you heard me.  Not the mainstream bands and materials used but something incredibly unique that I'm sure your fashionista circles have not got their hands on yet.

These materials are sourced for their sustainability and durability.  The goal of the designers at JORD is for the wearer to make each moment count, by being aware of not only the time that has passed but to be mindful of the moments they have in life.  What a beautiful concept!

JORD watches are also incredibly resistant to breakage with their Sapphire Glass. This material is second only to diamonds in their ability to bear impact and be scratch resistant! Yep, no more scratchy faces on your watch.  Sapphire glass is in fact a synthetic crystal as opposed to ordinary glass and is often used in luxury watches around the world.

They also custom fit your watch to your own wrist with their measurement chart that you use to send it and voila!  Your watch arrives as a perfect fit to your wrist. Custom made and luxe!

My fave pic of this amazing range is the Frankie Ebony and Gold

JORD wooden watches are currently having a giveaway that you guys can enter HERE.  Be sure to get in quick as entries close 27th November 2016.   Every entrant gets a $20 e gift just for entering! 

This post has been sponsored by Jord Wooden Watches. All opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The perfect bed linen

In any bedroom, the focal point is always the bed.  We spend a significant amount of our lives sleeping, therefore we should always endeavor to have the right linen for our needs. 


A simple, carefully considered bed linen scheme is essential and sufficient in presenting even the most minimal bedroom with an inviting atmosphere.  A beautifully styled bed is such a delight to jump into and have a great night's sleep.  It is your personal space where you have the right to unwind and relax however you please. So quality bedlinen is a must here. 
A great way to keep it cost effective way to update the look for your bedroom is with new colours and seasonal textures, as opposed to ridiculous layers of cushions which are often thrown on the floor at bedtime. 
As we are drawing into summer, start looking at light greys and blues as they can be supplemented with bright pops of colour when adding one or two accent cushions. 
If you are in cooler months, think of deep greys and indigos as your bases then add scatter cushions in brighter tones. 


The best way to style a bed is with layers.
Start with a mattress protector.  I have a bamboo loft protector over my mattress. It provides that extra softness. 
Add a fitted sheet in a solid neutral colour.  These are versatile and can be interchanged with the linen from various seasons.
Add a flat sheet in the same tone. The gives the option to layer for cooler months or to have on it's own in warmer months. 
Now the doona.  Goose down provides the most optimum loft and is fantastic for warmer months.  If you have any allergen sensitivities, opt for a more flat synthetic doona. (which is what I have on at the moment for the warmer months) An oversize doona is preferable to achieve the look often seen in the images of bedlinen packages. 
In the cooler months, you may want to add a blanket throw which gives a more layered luxe look. 
Layer pillows, I love down pillows for that loft look that can be reduced to something more flat to sleep on.  There are synthetic options available too for those concerned with allergens. Start with larger pillows then add the smaller ones in front and gradually get to the scatter cushions.  for summer, I have kept my bed very minimal as it gets quite warm. 
Florence Broadhurst has some wonderful tones for this seasonal with light greys and zingy cushion accents. This flamestitch design can be bought here.

These are great examples of styled beds below (not my images)

Note the layering of pillows from largest to smallest and the oversize doona that falls to the base of the bed. 
Finally, remmeber this is your space!  Gather ideas and inspiration and add your own style to it to transform it into a space that resonates with you.

This post has been sponsored by Legend Australia.  All opinions are my own. 


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Trend: Minimalistic jewelery

Jewelery can always be categorised as either statement or delicate.   Statement jewelery was created to stand out on their own essentially making an entire outfit. Whereas delicate jewelery was created to add effortless beauty to any outfit.  Effortless! Like you aren't even trying! Yet you may have totally planned that look the night before but everyone will assume it just happened ;).

This is where we can definitely see that bigger isn't always better.  Lately, fashionista's and celebrities have been favoring a more subdued look.  Delicate jewelery is easier to wear as you can add it to any look.  You will look completely put together by adding delicate pieces to your look.  They are also way more comfortable as you won't have to worry about sagging ear lobes or aching necks caused by larger pieces. I love the lariat necklaces and their ability to be worn in gradual layers. 

I love the range at Brass Paper Smith. They have essential minimalist items that can be carried through seasons. Below are some of my favourites from their range.

 Silver or Gold Lariat necklace from Brass Paper Smith

Gold Knot ring

Sponsored by Brass Paper Smith.  All opinions are my own

How to wear modern ruffles

Ruffles are often associated with little girls pink dresses and brings notes of your own childhood back.  In 2016, ruffles have made a comeback for the sophisticated woman.

Ruffles act as their own accessory.  The trend traipsing along runways of 2016 is bold ruffles. Structured architectural ruffles that become the statement of the look and are a far cry from the soft flimsy ruffles of childhood dresses. I like to modernize the look by adding menswear elements like a tailored pants suit. Worn with a pair of pumps, this trend can transform your evening look effortlessly.  There's no need for accessorising with overt jewels or dramatic hair.  Let the look speak for itself.

An outfit in a block colour is perfect to wear this trend and transform your look. This black jumpsuit gives a long lean silhouette and the bold ruffles add the statement to the look.  Pull your hair back into a sleek pony to let the ruffles speak for themselves and add minimal earrings with a clutch and stilettos.


Dress ruffles down by pairing a statement top with jeans and keeping accessories to a minimum.

Nude pumps are a great addition to any look, they enhance the outfit by supporting the look rather than overpowering or clashing with it. 

Sponsored by Yoins.  All opinions are my own

Monday, 5 September 2016

Vintage Spring time made current

Polka dots have been seen throughout fashion history right back to the 1920's!  In the 1940's Dior released a line of hourglass dresses all featuring this speckled design seeking "to make women extravagantly, romantically, eyelash-battingly female" again, following the post war period. Then we were seeing polka dots throughout Hollywood icons such as Marilyn Monroe,, Lucille Ball and Elizabeth Taylor. 

Then came the revamping of the polka dots, making it gender neutral. Anne Akbari, founder of styling business Closet Catharsis commented that men wearing polka dots need not be emasculating.  She expressed that men wearing polka dots highlight that they are fashion focused and that they pay attention to fashion. So now we see polka dots in many men's styles including ties and business shirts as well as casual tees. 

Large polka dots are essentially associated with the 50s and 60s to this day.  But when we see prints like this dress in a smaller design, we can wear it straight to the office without giving off a "I'm here to party" vibe.  This dress actually has an A line shape which I cinched in with a stretch belt giving it more shape.  The belt let me pull up the dress so it wasn't as long and sat more comfortably around the belt breaking up the top and bottom. 

In alignment with the 50s and 60s trend of polka dots, we also reminisce about the cat eye glasses that have a sweeping frame up to the temples.   Associated with the fashion forward women of that time and now brought to life again today! I love the mirrored look which has morphed its way into current trends with many personalities sporting these shades. I found these styles at amazing prices!! Links listed below. 
Excuse hubby's reflection here :)

Polka dot dress by Zaful
Bag and sunglasses by Zaful

(Sponsored by Zaful. All opinions are my own)

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Love your skin

Why is skin care so important?

I want to teach my girls to look after their skin firstly before trying to pack on the makeup.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not anti makeup!  Far from it!  I love makeup.  But I always come back to basics about proper skin care and prevention, which is the foundation for this post.

How to pick good skincare?

  • Avoid products with perfumes
  • Look at the ingredients not the brand's slogan
  • Seriously consider products containing Glycolic acid.  It has tremendous properties for exfoliation and continued use has been seen to increase hydration.
  • Concentrated ingredients, like AHA's, retinol, Salicylic Acid etc
  • Paraben free
  • Avoid Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES

My daughters are growing up and the YouTube makeup tutorial trend has taken over their age group as well as many young adult women too.   While considering how I would approach this topic of makeup, I was reminded of an old slogan about 'letting the real you shine through'. Now I can't recall exactly where or when this phrase was discovered in my memory but it made a lot of sense to me. 

Essentials to also include..

  • Drink lots of water
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Avoid smoking 
  • Avoid drinking excessively
  • Wear SPF daily
  • Never sleep with makeup on

My Faves

My personal skin care routine is kept as minimal as possible and I only use Australian owned products as I can trust their ingredients and standards. I love Alpha-H for their concentrated ingredients and great minimal packaging!  They have a range for every stage of your life so it's important to identify your concerns and discover which range suits your needs. 

My Routine

Daily Cleanser: I always start and end each day by cleansing my skin.  It is so super important to cleanse in the morning especially if you are a tummy sleeper like me as any oils from your hair etc would have been sitting on your face overnight. 

Hydrating gel: I use this hydrating gel morning and night as well because I can breakout occasionally around my chin area so the salicylic acid in this helps keep breakouts at bay while keeping me hydrated. 

Daily SPF: I lvoe this SPF as it doesn't have that awful whitening look that some other strong SPF's have.  It's great to have under makeup too!

And once or twice a week I add these to my routine 

Smoothing Mask: This is my Holy Grail at the moment because it exfoliates AND hydrates!  Winner of Bazaar Beauty 100 in 2015!

Super Scrub Micro Cleanse: This is a powerful scrub with AHA to thoroughly exfoliate my skin leaving it soft and fresh.

At this stage in my life I feel these products have been so helpful in keeping my skin smooth and clear.  However as my birthday is coming up I am considering upping the anti on some more preventative products!